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Awesome artwork I think you should look at. c:



I want to use DeviantART more, so, I shall upload a picture a day, for 100 days. :33 I'm going to make my own list, as other lists I've found were eh.

    1. If you miss a day, you may draw two for one day, or draw one picture with the 2 Days you needed
    2. You may do it in any order. :meow:
    3. Tbh, i'm not one to make rules, do what you want :heart:

Day 1: Yourself
Day 2: You as your favourite animal
Day 3: Your best friend(s)
Day 4: Your favourite character
Day 5: Your favourite character and you
Day 6: You and your crush
Day 7: Disney style
Day 8: On an island with your favourite things
Day 9: Your dream
Day 10: In a style of a different artist
Day 11: 8bit Pixel sprite
Day 12: A personal mascot to define your personality
Day 13: Background without man-made structures
Day 14: Background with man-made structures
Day 15: You in a game you enjoy playing
Day 16: A realistic sketch of yourself
Day 17: A cartoony version of yourself
Day 18: If you were 7 and tried to draw yourself
Day 19: You as an Egyptian god.
Day 20: You as your zodiac
Day 21: You using your favourite element as magic (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)
Day 22: You as a monster
Day 23: You as a super hero
Day 24: You as a super villain
Day 25: You as the opposite gender you identify as. (If you don't identify as a gender, draw you as a kitten <3)
Day 26: Draw something with your left hand
Day 27: Draw something with your eyes closed
Day 28: You and something you hate
Day 29: You and someone you hate
Day 30: An original mythical creature
Day 31: What you wore today
Day 32: You as a Pokémon
Day 33: You and your favourite Pokémon
Day 34: Draw something without lifting the pen. (Using one line only)
Day 35: Your favourite bird
Day 36: Your favourite fish
Day 37: An original dinosaur, or dragon
Day 38: Draw a character you hate.
Day 39: Create a stupid super hero
Day 40: Create a stupid super villain
Day 41: A website as a human
Day 42: Your favourite animal as an animatronic (a fursona is fine)
Day 43: You wielding a weapon of choice.
Day 44: Something mundane as a human (Scissors, craft glue, etc.)
Day 45: You as a South Park Character
Day 46: You in Old Victorian clothing
Day 47: You in Tribal clothing
Day 48: You in your favourite holiday
Day 49: A place you want to go, and what you'd do there.
Day 50: You as a Mario character (You cosplaying one, or make an original one)
Day 51: You as your favourite creepypasta
Day 52: You in an epic pose, wielding a sword, holding the head of your enemy
Day 53: Using 3 colors only, draw yourself. (Any 3 colours)
Day 54: You as a Spongebob Square Pants character
Day 55: Draw something in a social style you like (Goth, scene, pastel, hardcore, etc.)
Day 56: Your favourite couple (Any fandom)
Day 57: You in you current mood
Day 58: You as an Adventure Time Character
Day 59: You as a Gravity Falls Character
Day 60: Something with too many colours. (I want RAINBOWS)
Day 61: A fancy pattern
Day 62: You as a baby
Day 63: You as an elder
Day 64: You as a zombie
Day 65: You in a costume of your favourite character
Day 66: Your phone, or computer, as a human
Day 67: You as an pixie/fairy (Base it on any element)
Day 68: Your favourite beverage is the ocean.
Day 69: Something immature
Day 70: A weird creation
Day 71: An even more weird creation
Day 72: You as an alien.
Day 73: As a teletubby
Day 74: Eating icecream
Day 75: An older picture you've drawn (Feel free to make it a comparrison)
Day 76: A robot
Day 77: You as a Pirate
Day 78: You doing something stereotypical of your country. (eg: Aus- Riding kangaroo's etc)
Day 79: You as a ninja
Day 80: You as a llama
Day 81: A planet in our system in the form of an alien.
Day 82: You as a posh English gentleman (Include a Monocle, moustache, Top hat and bowtie)
Day 83: You as a different race
Day 84: You facing your fears!!
Day 85: You as an anime desu
Day 86: Your favourite instrument as a human
Day 87: You eating all your favourite foods
Day 88: Your favourite childhood toy
Day 89: You lying in a bed of roses eating skittles
Day 90: Your eyes are an odd colour, and you have super powers.
Day 91: A new Angry bird!
Day 92: You as a troll (Homestuck)
Day 93: A troll (monster)
Day 94: You as a sonic character
Day 95: You wearing fancy clothes, that are patterned.
Day 96: You as an Angel, Wings of any colour
Day 97: You 'performing a meme'
Day 98: You in a sushi roll! :D
Day 99: Yourself riding your favourite animal (If animal is small, it is now gigantic)
Day 100: A Banner! You finished >:3


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